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In Development:
                                                                                                                                            The Ups and Downs of OK - in development.  
Where is the border between genius and madness? 
Do you have to be a manic depressive to be creative? 
A very personal look at the world renown conductor Otto Klemperer,
his successful career, chaotic personal life and ongoing battle with manic depression.

Deconstructing Casablanca - in development.
What lies behind the iconoclastic film "Casablanca".
Who were in fact those refugees who were trying to escape from  
Northern Europe and Nazi oppression and landed not just in Casablanca,
but the Vichy controlled concentration camps? And why is this story unknown?  
And why has this piece of history been suppressed? 

Ich hab noch einen Koffer in Berlin - in development.
Weaving the Dietrich songs through a personal ancestral visit to Berlin,
can one put the demons of the past to rest? And is the new America any better?