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 PS:USA, Inc.

Remember us?
We started the international run on US tax incentives and still provide consultation services to any International Producers who wish to shoot in the US and take advantage of those incentives!

With the US government and local city and state tax incentives designed specifically for the US film industry, you can shoot your next production at bargain prices, get the most experienced crews  AND get money back, even as a non-US company. 

How can you benefit from these incentives? 
That's where PS:USA,Inc. comes in. We can operate as your personal production consultant, or as your co-producer. But most importantly: we will help you move forward to get your production made less expensively under the guidelines of qualifying US spend. 

Who are we that we can offer this? 
President of PS:USA,Inc. is Debbie Elbin, a long time producer of both Film and TV. With over 25 years of production experience, she has worked both in the US and internationally for the Hollywood majors. She knows tax incentives. 

If the Hollywood studios turn to her for advice, doesn't it make sense that you should do so as well?

If you are looking for a way to produce your content in the United States of America, PS:USA,Inc. has the solution! 

 You've come to shop.... Now stay and shoot!