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A comprehensive personal look at current day antisemitism in Germany. 
(double click on the underlined title below and turn up the volume!)

While I was in Berlin I was handed a flyer for a "Stolpersteinverlegung".

A Stolperstein, or 'tripping stone', is a piece of art, a single memorial for an individual victim of the Nazis. The copper-topped paver is inscribed with that person's name, date of birth, the date of their murder and in which camp that took place.

Whether they were young or old, the memorial stones have become a source of curiosity, information, and an education tool. 

And a sign of German contrition. Or so I thought. 
Until I met two schoolboys who thought they were the German equivalent of the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 
And so it began...


A stand-alone 108 mins feature documentary, which is also designed to function as a pilot for a limited documentary series. 


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